Universal System Tubless – This changes everything

What’s the big deal I hear you asking, Hutchinson and Shimano brought tubeless road tyres to the masses nearly 10 years ago and Mavic have been involved with tubeless tyres on MTB since 1999 – But since then Mavic have stuck to conventional inner tubed tyres for their road wheels.

Mavic have been stubborn in their views that they’re unwilling to offer a system that wasn’t fully refined for consumer use, SO, the fact that they’ve converted their most popular wheels to UST (universal system tubeless) for 2018 tells us one thing… Tubeless’s time has finally come for roadies.

If you’re not already aware, the benefits of tubeless are many, however, the important facts are that they generally offer lower rolling resistance, more comfort through lower pressures and offer incredible resistance to punctures. Basically you can still get a puncture, however with a correctly set up system, the solution in the tyre will fill the hole and block the air release usually resulting in a loss of about 5-6psi so you probably won’t even know that you had a puncture until you get home and see a little fleck of solution replacing what used to be rubber.

Up until now, the reason that you won’t have seen that many tubeless setups on your rides is due to the difficulty in the setup. Historically you’d have to get a new rim strip to cover the valve holes and seal the tyre, fit in a special valve, put some solution in to the tyre and then break a few of your mums favourite spoons and forks to wedge it on the rim. You probably had to check the box a few times as well to make sure the tyre was in fact 700c and not 26” it was that tight. Once you got this far, you’d try to pump up the tyre only to find that there was a leak somewhere and you’d have to start all over… this is why we’ve never been a fan of conversions. The only benefit would be when all the stars aligned and you got the wheel set up properly, this led to miles and miles of problem free pleasurable riding.

Well, Mavic have solved all your problems with the help of the team at Hutchinson (they’re quite the specialists in rubber tech). The universal system tubeless ‘UST’ has been developed in house and means that the tyres can be easily mounted and removed and that the beads can be seated so that a standard floor pump will allow you to get the pressure you need. Gone are the days or rim strips and dodgy valve seals, and what’s more, Mavic claim that the Road UST system can be safely ridden while flat without fear of the tyre peeling off the rim… in case you run out of tubes (remember you can put a tube in a tubeless system).

Overall Mavic claims a weight saving of 40G per pair of wheels compared to a tubed version of their wheels and that is including the 30ml of latex-based sealant in the rims. It’s worth noting the this saving is on the rim as well so it’s a rotational weight based saving which offers far more than a weight saving in the hub.

“It’s easy, it’s safe, and it’s fast” says Maxime Brunand, Mavic’s product line manager. “It’s the only standard in road tubeless”

We’ve already shown in our demonstration video on Facebook just how good Hutchinson’s tubeless tyres are when it comes to holes in the tyres. We punched a 2mm hole straight through a tyre and lost 6psi of pressure while the sealant filled and sealed the hole. It’s safe to say that we’re as confident as Mavic who are offering 16 wheelsets in UST for 2018, from the more entry Cosmic UST up to the Pro Cosmic Carbon SL C UST, all of which will be supplied with tubeless tyres and sealant, all you need to do is take them out the box, pump them up and ride.

With everything you now know about tubeless tyres, only one question remains unanswered; What are you waiting for?

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