More aero, more power and more comfort. Speed in the saddle with Toby Parnell



s fast as you can for as long as you can? Getting low isn’t always best

Of course, it depends what you want to get out of your riding, but for a growing group of us who get a buzz out of riding hard, the best way to go as fast as possible may not be obvious…

Aero wheels – check. Aero frame – check. Stem slammed – check. Well here’s the thing, maybe that’s where we’re going wrong.

Everyone knows the importance of aero: professionals spend hundreds of thousands in the wind tunnel; frame designers use state of the art computes to optimise tube shaping. But what can you and I do? We buy the best kit we can afford and get ourselves as low as we can.

And here’s the thing. Maybe this is where we’re going wrong. This is because going fast isn’t just about minimising drag, it’s about finding the best compromise between power and aero.

Lifting yourself up at the front can unlock more power giving you the means to go faster for longer. And the surprise to me was, it also meant more aero – a win-win.

I came for a fitting with Ben at PRIMO Cycles and left with a position I didn’t expect. The results speak for themselves. Ben lifted me up at the front end. This reduced the angle at my hip meaning I could ride at threshold power in more comfort for longer. Being more comfortable meant less pressure on my lower back and arms, allowing me to relax my neck and tuck my head in between my shoulders. This reduced my frontal area by closing the gap between my head and hands – allowing me to punch a smaller hole in the air.

The result? More aero, more power and more comfort. The cost. You can’t put a price on speed… Fittings with the aero green screens start at £250 or green screen sessions on their own are available from £50 and believe you me, This is the cheapest way to go fast by far.

Give the shop a call on 01223 500502 or email to get yourself booked in.

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