What’s New Wahoo?

We’ve just taken delivery of the ALL NEW Wahoo 2019 range. Check out our guide to new products and changes to the old guard. Want more information or to try one out? Come and see us in the shop!


t’s that time of year again when my inner Stark starts whispering “Winter is coming” and the thoughts of slogging through another dark wet and cold winter fills me with dread. I could try and harden the #£$% up…… or look at setting myself up to smash out the winter miles from the comfort of my own garage. So, it was very timely that the new 2018/19 Wahoo products have just arrived at the shop. So, what’s new and why should you look at upgrading your pain cave this winter.


The New 2018 Kickr 

The 2017 Kickr was, in our and most peoples opinion, the best turbo trainer on the market. The big news for 2018 is that the Kickr (which was a very quiet trainer anyway) is now virtually silent. This means you can thrash yourself whilst your family and neighbours soundly sleep, unaware that of the depths you’re drilling yourself to. The flywheel has also been beefed up to 16lb which gives an improved road feel with the increased momentum. It comes with an 11-speed cassette, can cope with 130mm and 135mm quick release and 12mm Thru Axles in both 142mm and 148mm widths as well as working with bikes from 24” wheels all the way up to 29” mountain bikes. With its beefed-up resistance unit, it can simulate up to a 20% gradient and (if you have thighs the size of Chis Hoy) it can offer up to 2200 watts of resistance. Retailing at £999.99, it is the ultimate trainer on the market at the moment.



The New Kid on the Block: Kickr Core 

New for 2018 is an intermediate trainer that fills the gap between the top end Kickr and the entry level Snap. It retails at £699.99 so what do you loose in comparison to the full fat Kickr? To start with, it doesn’t include a cassette, you’ll have to provide this. Secondly, it’s not adjustable so you’ll need to use a front wheels block to get your bike level again. Finally, the fly wheel is 4lb lighter which will result in a less realistic ride feel and the resistance unit can only simulate up to 16% gradients offer up to 1800 watts of resistance. However, on the flip side, it has the new silent internals from the top end Kickr and offers a huge amount of bang for the buck, it’ll also link up to your computer so you can train using any the numerous software packages out there like Zwift.



The Long Awaited Kickr Climb 

This has been one of the most anticipated products around and they have finally arrived at the shop. If you’re serious about your virtual riding, this will take it to a whole new level. As the gradient changes online, the Kickr Climb reacts simulating anything from -10% to +20% and making the whole experience much more immersive. The new Wahoo Kickr, Kickr Core and Kickr Snap trainers have all been designed so that the bike can freely articulate on the trainer without making contact. This is one of those products that once you start using, you wonder why you never had before.



Feel the Breeze with the Kickr Headwind 


Now Wahoo have bought out the first “smart” fan. It can be run in three modes: 1) it can run like a normal fan with manual changes to intensity 2) it can be linked to your Kickr trainer and increase in intensity as your virtual speed increases or 3) it can be linked to your heart rate monitor and increase in intensity as you work harder. This last feature is the one that I think is really clever as it means you’re not going to get cold while you do a gentle warm up and don’t have to stop and get off to adjust the fan before starting a big effort. It also shifts a huge amount of air directly at you and because of all this, I think it’s well worth the £199.99 price tag.



The Finishing Touches

To finish off your pain cave, Wahoo make a couple of other great products.

Fight the Sweat: Wahoo Kickr Trainer Floormat 


The trainer flootmat is a very worth while investment for a number of reasons: 1) it catches any sweat before it soaks into the carpet 2) it damns any vibrations and 3) the rubber helps stop the trainer from edging forward when you’re sprinting.


Finally a Desk Job You’ll Enjoy: Wahoo Kickr Bike Desk 

Finally, having everything within easy reach is a god send when you’re doing long sessions on the turbo. There’s nothing worse than having to break your rhythm by stopping and getting off to get that third water bottle or reach for the remote. The bike desk lifts everything away from your bars so they don’t get covered in sweat yet brings them close enough to make it easy to reach.



The new units have arrived in store so pop in and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.



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