Trek L100 Please DON’T Buy This Bike…….

……… because it’s TOO good.


ave Trek made the perfect Cambridge town bike? We’ve just had delivery of the new 2019 Trek L100 mens and L100 midstep and we are super impressed because it comes with everything you could possibly need in a town bike.



The frame is made from light Alpha Aluminium and is available in both a horizontal top tube or a step through design. The cables route internally to keep them away from the elements and keeps everything looking tidy. An added benefit is it stops the cables rubbing on the frame. The 7-speed internal hub gear is also be super reliable through all weather conditions as the delicate internals are sealed from the elements. Additionally, the rear hub houses the brake internally so it won’t be affected by the weather. Braking up front is a mountain bike V-brake which is super strong.



You don’t need to worry about getting your clothes dirty while riding around as the chain is fully enclosed inside a chain guard. You’re also not going to get your bum soaked as the bike comes fitted with full length mudguards. You’re also not going to have to buy a rack for your bag or a lock as it comes with a rear wheel lock so that no one can run away with your bike while you pop into the café.



Up front there’s an adjustable stem to allow you to find the most comfortable position. The pièce de résistance is the dynamo in the front hub which powers the front light. No longer do you have to remember to charge your lights or forget to pick them up when you’re running late or worse still forget to take them off and find that some scum bag has stolen them. Just get on and ride.



When you consider everything that this bike comes with, at £650 it’s a complete bargain. You won’t have to buy anything else…….. in fact, why am I shouting the merits of this bike? I’m doing ourselves out of a whole pile of product sales. Actually, DO NOT BIKE THIS BIKE!!!! It’s too good!




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